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How to develop assessments to manage compliance

Posted By: eCom USA

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If you have been tasked with designing an assessment to manage organisational compliance, you need to start by scoping requirements. 

It is critical that any assessment can be defended if it’s to be used as evidence of compliance and competency.  In areas of high risk the assessment is often a legal requirement.

This is where quizzes cross the line into testing. A quiz is fine for checking basic understanding whereas a test provides a cut score or pass mark.  The test has to demonstrate that it meets the learning objectives and fulfils compliance requirements.

So how do you prove that an individual producing a particular score in a test is reliable evidence of compliance? 

 Organisations should develop an assessment strategy which considers the following:

  • Job/task and impact/risk analysis
  • Subject Matter Expert validation
  • Pass/fail scores levels
  • Methods of testing and consistency of delivery
  • Required question types
  • How the results are marked and scored
  • Who gets to see results
  • The verification/peer review process
  • The process for appeals

Our new ebook “Using Online Assessment to Manage Organisation Compliance” provides a step-step guide for implementing assessment as part of a compliance training strategy.  Download your free copy here.

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