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Case Study - Delivering compliance solutions to the utilities sector

Posted By: eCom USA

About Scottish Water

Scottish Water is a publicly owned company, answerable to the Scottish Parliament and the people of Scotland. Their job is to bring clearer, fresher drinking water to your tap. They supply 2.3 billion litres of drinking water per day and remove nearly a billion litres of waste water daily, treating it carefully before returning it to the environment.

Setting the Scene

Scottish Water delivers a huge range of learning programmes to staff across its business and had a requirement to manage the competencies and associated evidence of approximately 200 apprentices. eCom were engaged to assist with this project, which quite quickly led to a ‘light-bulb’ moment in the project team about how the eNetEnterprise™ platform could be used as a central learning portal for all their staff.

The Challenge

With staff working at many geographically diverse locations, Scottish Water needed a system to
help deliver:

  • continuous on-site assessment
  • employee reviews
  • eLearning and access to other types of training.

Ensuring efficient operation of all their sites, complying with statutory requirements for competence and crucially the reporting of this activity on-demand were key requirements.

Mission critical training is framework-driven, where learning content and assessment tools need to be dynamically linked upon successful completion to the job role frameworks.

Managers and appointed assessors required a secure way to test staff and certify them as competent in required skills areas, using a variety of learning and assessment methods; crucially they needed to capture this information for instant reporting. Employees needed a single place to go for learning, rather than navigating a number of disparate learning systems and processes.

The Solution

Scottish Waters’ Skills Management System uses the eCom eNetEnterprise™ platform, deployed to assess and monitor skills of thousands of personnel across many business roles. The platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing it to monitor any number of individual roles, from tens to thousands.

Individual members of staff can be assessed on the skills related to their role and their competence recorded and updated when required. Management reporting and auditing is simple, enabling the evidence production of competence for individuals and teams quickly and easily providing complete visibility over staff competencies, with a streamlined admin function.

eNetEnterprise™ functionality used by Scottish Water to deliver the Skills Management System includes:

  • traditional learning management system functionality to deliver and track
    eLearning content
  • assessment of continuing competence using short-duration tests, delivered automatically
  • competency mapping and tracking at individual, business unit and organisation wide levels
  • career planning and progression tools, eg 3600 assessment
  • competency-based permits to work
  • end to end appraisal management and review recording
  • workforce analytics
  • HR system integration
  • low carbon footprint delivery and administration
  • learner self-service.

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