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What Trends to Expect in eLearning 2015

Posted By: eCom USA

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Nowadays, less is more.

Over 65% of people access information on the go, with the consumer choice being either smartphone or tablet. 2015 will continue to witness a cultural shift towards more wearable technology. It may (or may not) surprise you to know what exciting eLearning concepts and trends are set to dominate the market in the next 12 months.

Wearable edtech

Smartwear will continue to be a key talking point in the edtech market this year with smartwatches, Oculus and Google Glasses. This augmented learning (or adaptive learning) can be tailored to the user’s requirements and will be able to evaluate overall task performance - like an interactive coach attached to your wrist or head!

Such technological support presents the added advantage of mobility for the user.  It also expands the networked community allowing you to share, swap and learn on multiple devices. A powerful learning experience that will likely become more widely utilised as an educational resource in the next few years, augmented learning has massive potential in future educational applications. 


2015 will likely see improvements on gamified styles of learning and looks set to play a much bigger role in eLearning materials. By utilising certain gaming elements and applying them to a sophisticated learning model, many believe it will help intensify social competitiveness whilst increasing user focus.

Recent research indicates that over 70% of modern day learners, students and employees would be more motivated to take on board information presented to them if modules were more game-esque. 

Greater Personalisation

By personalising online, and indeed offline, learning communities will boost overall engagement. Future learning is set to become more inviting for the user with online tutoring and supplementary customised learning applications. Let the user create their own educational journey at their own pace at a time that suits them.

By allowing a more socialised learning experience, you open up greater collaboration with fellow students in online forums and liberate individuals from pressured environments that you often find in a classroom. 

Converged technology now plays a central role in modern day learning and development strategies. Fun and interactive learning modules can lift a user’s overall attention span. The evolution of edtech continues to go down an exciting path and eCom can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

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