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Mobile Learning and Its Importance In Employee Learning Development

Posted By: eCom USA

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With a large majority of individuals 9-5 working day being too busy for them to complete a business course, and the high percentages of users accessing information directly from their mobile phone, the opportunity to provide access to a course from their mobile is essential.

Providing users with access to a course from their mobile phone provides them with the flexibility to access and complete the course in their own time, whether it be on their morning commute or on their lunch break at Starbucks. A recent survey claimed that 99% of mobile learners would complete an eLearning course if available in mobile format. 

Accessible content is vital when developing online learning content for your users. There is a significant need for content across multiple device types in today’s society. Understanding your user’s journey and how they access information will help you to develop engaging eLearning content that is available to all.

According to Ofcom, 93% of adults within the UK use a mobile phone on a daily basis. Providing a positive experience for mobile users online will ensure that your organisation benefits as much as possible. Recent eLearning statistics suggest that 50% of businesses who have implemented digital learning content, in comparison with traditional training, have saved money.

Mobile learning allows companies to do more with less. A mobile’s screen size means that only essential and engaging content can be presented, allowing the organisation to focus on what is essential and what is desirable information before publishing it to users. A larger amount of content can be made available on a desktop version, which a learner could read at work before completing the test on their mobile phone.

Mobile format provides the opportunity for users to digest content and answer questions at their own pace. Courses for mobile learning are often developed in bite-sized chunks and a number of modules can be completed accurately and quickly by users. Mobile learning now plays a central role when implementing modern day eLearning strategies.

With people accessing information via their mobiles more and more, mobile learning has to play a stronger role in both the formal and informal approach to eLearning. Contact us at eCom to find out how we can help you develop and implement your organisation’s eLearning strategy:

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