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Case Study - Norman Broadbent Leadership Consulting

Posted By: eCom USA

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Setting the Scene

Are you struggling with traditional survey tools? eCom's clients have been using assessment thinking for complex questionnaires for times where it has traditionally been difficult to gain in-depth information such as for: Labour Market information; CPD Needs Analysis; 360's; Leadership; Emotional Intelligence; Organisational Culture; and Training Needs Analysis.

Once such client who acknowledged the potential of eCom’s assessment engine eNetAssess™ is Norman Broadbent Leadership Consulting, a highly regarded consultancy providing a broad portfolio of inter-related psychological services at a senior level to a wide range of national and international clients.

The Challenge

Norman Broadbent Leadership Consulting approached eCom to assist in the development of an organisational culture questionnaire that would be administered online. The purpose - to support the executive search side of Norman Broadbent effectively measuring the cultural fit between a role candidate and the target client’s culture.

eCom were tasked with setting up eNetAssess™ with the appropriate question types required for the ‘Cultural Snapshot’ questionnaire, with the initial questions preloaded and responses stored for review and to generate reports. Norman Broadbent Leadership Consulting compiled 50 questions that formed the basis of the Cultural Snapshot questionnaire with the questionnaire focusing on discovering individual and client benchmarker’s ‘Cultural Snapshot’ for specific job roles. eNetAssess™ allows for all questions to be edited and added via the non-technical authoring tools provided.

The Solution

The ‘Cultural Snapshot’ questionnaire is served out to candidates and client benchmarker via an email with a link, where they log in. Each response is recorded into the system. The hiring organisation will provide the client benchmarkers to record any number of questionnaires which as an averaged whole gives the cultural snapshot of the organisation. The executive candidates can then complete the same questionnaire and a comparison can take place. The comparison is reported in the form of a spider graph that graphically represents the candidate results against the client benchmark. The results generate a further set of questions to explore at interview stage or identify areas that may require attention at the settling in period.

The concept revolves around ‘onboarding’ in ensuring that new employees settle quickly into a role. It is designed to help embed the new executive within the business normally within the first 100 days.

For Norman Broadbent Leadership Consulting the intention of the onboarding pointers is twofold:

  • To support some of the conclusions from the discussion promoted by the Cultural Snapshot
  • To augment rather than replace any onboarding or induction arrangements that already exist in the business.

Overall it is a flexible approach designed to give ideas and direction, aimed to help find the optimal way to enhance the onboarding experience.

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