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Case Study - IWCF

Posted By: eCom USA

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Setting the Scene

The IWCF (International Well Control Forum) is an organisation which deals with mandatory assessment and certification on behalf of the exploration and production sector in the oil and gas industry. IWCF is responsible for:

  • Design and accreditation of training courses
  • Design and administration of exams
  • Accrediting of training providers and assessors
  • Issuing of certificates of accreditation

eCom worked closely with IWCF to understand and analyse IWCF’s business needs. IWCF reached the realisation that they needed to update to a more efficient automated on-line assessment management system to allow all training centres and candidates to register for exams. IWCF commissioned the FORUM project that would allow examiners to monitor the students’ progress and grade assessment papers more efficiently, manage the certification process, and provide a managed process to deal with question authoring and translations. 

The Challenge

IWCF is a governing body to the oil and gas industry which oversees all training aspects. With a large number of employees taking exams and additional certificates it was clear to eCom that IWCF would need an easily accessible eAssessment portal to evaluate candidate progress. The aim was to make the whole training and assessment process more responsive and user-friendly for candidates, training providers and assessors.

eCom stressed the importance of digitising assessment when it comes to assessing modern-day exams. Working closely with IWCF, eCom developed a Management, Certification and Assessment system to deliver on-line exams to a global audience of oil and gas industry training providers. 

The Solution

IWCF is introducing a new online administration and examination system to complement the new five tier system of Well Control training introduced in response to OGP Report 476. Administrators needed a single platform for reviewing candidate details as well as monitoring exam development. There are particular aspects in this project that need specialist delivery methods which are not usually available in standard assessment platforms. eNetAssess has been configured into a bespoke system developed around IWCF’s business processes and needs.

The eAssessment tool developed by eCom provides the following functionality:

  • Allow candidates to register, update their details, locate a centre, participate in assessment
  • Allow centre users to schedule assessments, view results, signoff results, and check certificate validity
  • Allow invigilators to invigilate assessments and perform check marking where required
  • Allow assessors to monitor practical
  • Allow IWCF staff to view (and edit and delete where specified) information on candidates, assessments, employers, centres, assessors, invigilators, branches, documents, administration units, members, delivery notes, and certificates
  • Allow external users to check the validity of a certificate

The Benefits

IWCF are now able to easily access their candidate information, monitoring the skills of thousands of personnel across the industry. Moving IWCF from the management of traditional paper assessment to a new digital service has modernised the company’s exam offering and allowed examination procedures to become more effective. IWCF’s appointed assessors manage the delivery of bespoke tests in eCom’s   secure environment.  

The bespoke administrative portal implemented by eCom will improve the way IWCF staff interface with candidates, improve the assessment and provide comprehensive reports to inform administrators so they can pinpoint essential information within a matter of seconds which will enable a much greater level of consistency when it comes to marking practical course assessments.

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