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Case Study - Hyundai

Posted By: eCom USA

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The Challenge

Today many organisations acknowledge and understand that valuable learning occurs in the workplace. We are now striving to find new ways and new tools to support learning beyond formal classroom and eLearning settings with the ultimate goal of improving both the effectiveness and the efficiency of workforce development by bringing learning to the workplace.

In addressing ‘new ways of learning’ Hyundai launched the Mobile Academy, a challenging yet forward-thinking move to create the concept of not only continuous learning but also the necessity and challenge to measure workplace learning.

Today mobile devices are transforming the way we communicate, access information and do business – they are also enabling learning “any time, any place, anywhere”.

In a volatile world, knowledge remains power but access to the right knowledge at the right time is where the real power lies. Traditional process-led learning must transform to give employees skills to achieve business results and in the case of Hyundai the need for a work-based mobile learning tool was deemed essential. Mobile learning needs to reach beyond content delivery to provide a conduit for collaborative working and learning.

This case study will highlight the business case for mlearning, and focus on the benefits mlearning brings and the technology required.

Setting The Scene

The launch of the Hyundai Mobile Academy has been designed to provide dealership teams with core information about the company’s brand and in particular the new i20 model; the production site in Lzmit as well as how to consult with potential customers in a professional manner using this information. Designed with the whole dealer network in mind to understand Hyundai’s customer care philosophy, the modules form part of the bigger picture in cementing Hyundai as a global leader in car manufacturing.

The Solution

eCom worked closely with the client to understand the company’s business objectives and work ethics. This in turn enabled eCom to design and produce a series of four interactive, visually stimulating modules that enabled all dealers to consult with customers and sell cars with confidence. The digital communications had to be short, engaging and easy to understand.

The modules are used as a performance support tool and as a point-of-sales tool, used with the customers to demonstrate vehicle features. The content had to be designed to provide information and training to ensure that the Hyundai brand was consistently well-represented across Europe and across all dealership staff.

Knowledge and understanding is also tested by taking a multiple choice assessment comprising of 15 questions.

Furthermore, local language variants had to be developed for the company’s European bases.

The platform also had to provide sophisticated reporting including reports for managers to see the progress of individuals and teams. The modules have been optimised to be delivered both online and offline on PCs and Macs, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. They can also be accessed on most other mobile phones. The final test however can only be taken on PCs and Macs, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.

To conclude, mobile learning provided Hyundai with a quick and effective way to engage its dealership team to promote the i20 features and benefits. Being forward-thinking they recognised how new technologies and new approaches for supporting workplace mobile learning would provide great rewards as well as an excellent return on investment.

Tailored training is the linchpin to sustainable competitive advantage and having a skilled workforce offering and supporting a custom-made learning solution keeps Hyundai up there as a global leader in car manufacturing.

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