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VR: An Open Learning Platform of the Future

Posted By: Joe Barker

It is apparent, since the acquisition of gaming firm Oculus VR from Facebook for a whopping $2bn, that the future lies in virtual reality technology. Some argue that Mark Zuckerberg is purely buying potential, but huge investment requires significant faith.

What Trends to Expect in eLearning 2015

Posted By: eCom USA

Over 65% of people access information on the go, with the consumer choice being either smartphone or tablet. 2015 will continue to witness a cultural shift towards more wearable technology. It may (or may not) surprise you to know what exciting eLearning concepts and trends are set to dominate the market in the next 12 months.

Mobile Learning and Its Importance In Employee Learning Development

Posted By: eCom USA

With a large majority of individuals 9-5 working day being too busy for them to complete a business course, and the high percentages of users accessing information directly from their mobile phone, the opportunity to provide access to a course from their mobile is essential.

What Makes Gamification Effective?

Posted By: eCom USA

Technologically driven organisations have begun to experiment with the primary features of gaming and are merging them into educational materials. This somewhat fun and sophisticated form of learning will allow companies to get better performance from their staff.



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